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Stormi's Review: Missed: Rafael and Lisa (Cliffside Bay #6) by Tess Thompson

APC PUBLISHER: Tess Thompson RELEASED: March 24, 2019 GENRE: contemporary romance, family saga LENGTH: 299 pages FORMAT: ebook


Return to the beloved beach town of Cliffside Bay, where USA Today bestseller Tess Thompson spins another emotional, intriguing tale about overcoming adversity and finding strength in love in this standalone story about Lisa and Rafael.

After years of struggling as a starving actor, Lisa Perry's dreams are finally coming true. Splitting her time between Los Angeles and Cliffside Bay, the young beauty has a successful television miniseries, her first movie role, and quality time with her best friends Maggie and Pepper. Everything is coming up roses until a single tragic moment changes Lisa forever.

Haunted by unshakable memories and near-crippling anxiety, Lisa must face a publicity tour full of crowds and interviews in order to move her budding career forward. And with the help of Rafael Soto, the head of security for Brody and Kara Mullen, she finally begins to relax. Though the pair are as different as night and day, something about her temporary bodyguard soothes the young actress, and soon their relationship turns from professional to passionate.

But what neither anticipates is that despite the obvious threats to a beautiful ingenue, it's actually her protector who stands in harm's way. Will Lisa and Rafael be able to face the danger awaiting him together, or are they destined to accept yet another tragedy they can't stop? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

A new chapter for the Cliffside Bay series begins here. A new group is forming. Rafael, the head of security for Brody and Kara, is building a life in Cliffside Bay. An ex-Navy Seal he is a bit of a loner type. Lisa, an actress friend of Maggie's, is splitting her time between working on acting roles and spending time in town with her friends. When tragedy strikes the two come together in a tumultuous way. Will they be able to move past their demons and find peace together? Read and find out. Tess did it again! I have had the privilege to read this whole series, and this was another GREAT story. I loved it. Rafael is a character I can relate to because my husband was in the military. I have been around a soldier that has faced things. Lisa is a character that I can relate to personally. I'm shy and not very open to the world, but in my opinion, I have a huge heart just like her. I loved them both. I loved their romance. This story is packed with drama and romance. You get a blend of new and old characters. It was written in a way that you can't help but love. As I said, I have read this whole series, and each book gets better. Missed was my favorite one yet. Overall, I can sum this book up in one word... AMAZING!

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