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Sara's Review: Gypsy's Blood (All The Pretty Monsters #1) by Kristy Cunning

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Kristy Cunning RELEASED: December 14, 2018 GENRE: paranormal, fantasy LENGTH: 294 pages FORMAT: ebook


I'm not all that special, really. Or uncommon. I'm sure there are a lot of girls with old gypsy blood who see the dead, have killer cults hunting their family, and turn into something that gets scary when they panic. Yep. Completely unoriginal, if I do say so myself.

Move along. Nothing to see here. Nope. I'm just an ordinary girl. I wish people would believe that.

I've been labeled as one thing or another for most of my life:

Death Girl.

Crazy Gypsy Girl.

Gothic Chick.


It took my mother's death for me to finally start getting answers about what's really been going on. Unfortunately, most of the answers come from men...who aren't just men. Somehow, I've gone and landed myself in a world truly filled with monsters, and I'm starting to think this is where I should have been all along. Only...I don't understand what's going on. I'm walking into the middle of a story that's thousands of years old, and I'm the new girl on the block who doesn't have a clue how this world even works. My only guides happen to be the most lethal of the bunch.

They decide who lives or dies. They decide who gets stabbed or tortured.


I've gone and drawn attention to myself, and the ones paying attention are the ones everyone else seems to fear.

How do these things always happen to me? FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

I stumbled across this book when I was aimlessly scrolling looking for something new to read. Never mind that I have literally 100’s of books in my TBR pile, none of them were piquing my interest I needed something new. Book lovers know my dilemma. I LOVE Anna, for me she made the book. If she wasn’t in the book wouldn’t, It be what it is. She had me laughing out loud so many times. I mean OMG a horny ghost! Who would have thought? I have so many highlights in this book. Yet I can’t use most of them in my review since they wouldn’t pass sensors on Amazon. The story does start slow and we the readers are just as clueless about what is going on as Violet is, and we only get the info as she does, which was also slow going. Honestly, this drove me a bit nuts. I wanted to know all the secrets, and I am still not sure what Damian is. Even though it was supposedly explained. Nope, I didn’t catch it. The humor of Anna, sexual tension and the expectation of what is going to happen next kept me invested in the story. Not to mention the bigger riddles that were never answered or anywhere close to solved. The book did end on a cliffhanger but luckily book two is already out, and I will be starting that next. Hopefully, I will find the answers I need. I am giving Gypsy’s Blood (All The Pretty Monsters #) 4 Boundless stars, and I was very entertained.

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