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Sara's Review: Feral by Sara Fields

kindle unlimited PUBLISHER: Stormy Night Publications RELEASED: December 6, 2018 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 179 pages FORMAT: ebook


He warned me what would happen if he lost control. I didn't listen.

He told me to stay away from him, that if I got too close he would not be able to stop himself. He would pin me down and take me so fiercely my throat would be sore from screaming before he finished wringing one savage, desperate climax after another from my helpless, quivering body.

Part of me was terrified, but another part needed to know if he would truly throw me to the ground, mount me, and rut me like a wild animal, longer and harder than any human ever could.Now, as the feral beast flips me over to claim me even more shamefully when I've already been used more thoroughly than I imagined possible, I wonder if I should have listened to him... 2.5 (THREE) BOUNDLESS STARS

Sometimes I shake my head at myself wondering why I start reading some of the stuff I do. I go in knowing what it’s going to be, yet expecting something else. This is dark erotica, meaning there is a lot of sex, which starts of under somewhat dubious consent. It's gritty and dirty and if you are into those things yes hot. Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood. The story was interesting, and I liked the concept of the brothers being government experiments one wanting to kill everyone, one wishing to save the girl. But Cosima was that character that falls on a dick and loses all sense of self. You don’t fall in love one someone because of orgasms, lust yes, love no. UGH. Yes, yes I know this isn’t real life, but stupid women frustrate me even in literature. This one is getting 2.5 Boundless stars, good concept on the story, there were some very hot scenes, yet I was over the instant love aspect.

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