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Sara's Review: Invisible Leash (The Cross Series, #1) by M.H.B.

APC PUBLISHER: M.H.B. RELEASED: September 4, 2018 GENRE: erotica, suspense LENGTH: 372 pages FORMAT: ebook


My name is Sage Cross.

I've got it all-the beauty, the brains, the bank account.

Women hate me. Men want my Louboutins around their necks. And I blame my father for everything. It's his fault I'm swarming through powerful men in suits while I'm stuck posing as a useless, jobless photo op.

Until he sends the perfect weapon my way: Lincoln Black. Mark my words, I plan to use him. In more ways than one.

What I don't expect coming my way is Jacob Storm, a beautiful, possessive, millionaire who sexed his way through Manhattan.

I spread my legs. My black heart however remains on lockdown.

You've been warned. 2.5 (THREE) BOUNDLESS STARS I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I voluntarily received a copy of Invisible Leash in order to give it an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This book is a bit of a conundrum for me. The book is based on an adult world with very adult themes, yet the characters were very juvenile especially Sage. I found her to be a cold, immature, spoiled brat who only thinks about herself. It was ironic that she kept touting how she didn’t want to rely on a man yet she was living off of her Daddy. It was beyond ridiculous. If there is a way to make a character any less likable, that is how to do it. Even her back story didn’t redeem her in my eyes. Yes, I felt sorry for that 16-year-old girl that she was and I HATE her father, but I never warmed to Sage. Jacobs character starts off a hot alpha male that had a lot of potential, yet he quickly turned it to a whipped idiot chasing after Saga and putting up with crap that no man in his right mind would put up with. Lincoln, was the nice guy in the story but seriously where were his balls? I mean come one? He is going to be a Senator, and he is going to take that crap from Sage are you kidding me? I am not going to lie M.H.B can write a hot sex scene, and this book is packed with them. I think the characters needed to be set in a different setting say high school or even college. They are written too immature for the setting they are in. I didn’t hate the story, but I wasn't invested in it or the characters. I am giving it 2.5 Boundless stars it was okay I just didn’t like the characters.

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