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Sara's Review: Pythen (Galactic Order #1) by Erin Raegan

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Erin Raegan RELEASED: September 24, 2018 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 248 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback




I was having a cold coffee with my best friend Vivian when the whole world went upside down.

Now there are gazelle-glowing-like-a-light-bulb aliens running around eating everybody, and enormous dark purply colored aliens that have a strong resemblance to bats, dive bombing from the sky. One of the bats says I'm his and I need to ease his mating rage. Yeah, not happening. Except, they tell me the fate of my world comes down to me sacrificing myself to him. Maybe this won't go like I planned. But I figure, if I have to bend to the big guy's will, I'm damn well getting something out of it.


My Pythe is a human. Weak as they are, I cannot fathom how she was chosen for me—the Commander of all Dahk.But then she rises up for her species and I cannot help but notice her fierce heart. I will slaughter all who dare harm her and her species, and she will be mine.

***Warning. For readers 18 years and older. Contains explicit sexual situations, possible triggers, dark themes, and violence. Start of a series featuring these characters and multiple others. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I wasn’t too sure on this one when it first started because it started a bit slow. But I quickly realized that Raegan did something phenomenally different. She built her character up and gave her a fully realized life before the Aliens invaded. It is something I normally don’t read at least not to the extent that Raegan wrote. It made Pythen such a richer fuller story.

Peyton is put in a position that is so unbelievable, she is being chased by man-eating aliens saved by bat-like aliens then told she needs to mate with the commander in order to get him working again to save her planet. No pressure.

I absolutely loved all of the characters in this story and I am so fully invested in what is going to happen to Earth, Payton, and Tahk that I am moving directly to book two.

I am giving Pythen (Galactic Order #1) 5 Boundless stars, it is a fantastic alien science fiction romance. I read a lot of these and so far this is in my top 10.

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