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Sara's Reviews: Headlights, Dipsticks, & My Ex's Brother (Edie's Automotive Guide Vo

APC PUBLISHER: Kissing Books, LLC RELEASED: November 19, 2018 GENRE: contemporary romance, comedy LENGTH: 235 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


A full-length STANDALONE sex-positive romantic comedy!

Running an auto shop is hard; running an auto shop as a woman is harder; running an auto shop with your ex--who is about to become your STEP-FATHER--and his hot brother is just insane. (And then there's the chicken.)

Edie Becker is living her childhood dream of running her grandfather’s auto shop. She just didn’t count on having to share ownership of the company with two other people. Specifically, her ex-fiancé and his gorgeous older brother, Luke.

When Luke rolls into town for the first time in years, he has news that changes everything—he’s now the majority shareholder and he needs to sell the auto shop, and Edie’s house next door, as soon as he can.

To make matters worse, Edie’s ex-fiancé has just her mother.

Edie’s determined to find a way to save her auto shop, to finally stand up to her heinous mother, and to not kiss Luke ever again...especially since he didn’t kiss her back.

If Edie’s plans don’t work, she’ll be unemployed, homeless, and worse: heartbroken. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I voluntarily received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. The book starts out hilarious, and I knew right away I was at least going to like it. “Edie’s Tip #42. Blinker fluid is not a real thing, regardless of what those auto shop guys tell you.” It really only took a few pages in for me to know I was going to love it. I mean this was some crazy soap opera plot twist nightmare Erica Cane BS going on. “I couldn’t have heard that right. But then why was my ---MY MOTHER --- locking lips with my ex-fiance.” I was stunned! Edie’s mother got engaged to Edie’s ex-fiance and announced it at Edie’s cousin’s wedding. Oh, the horror. OMG! BTW they call the mother the Dragon, it was so fitting and hilarious. And the plot thickens more. Edie, the ex-douche and the ex-douche's brother all own automotive repair shop together that they inherited since their families grew up together in a small town. Yet Edie is the one who runs it with a group of women. Luke (the ex-douche’s brother) are you keeping up? Comes back to town the same night as the huge wedding fiasco. And she (Edie) finds out he is selling the majority share of the business to the Dragon. Yeah, that’s not going to work for Edie. Omg, the story was fantastic, it gave me all of the feels! I laughed a lot but I also teared up. No, sobbing but my eyes were wet. And boy did I smile, I smiled and smiled. Edie realizing she has feelings for Luke after years and years and has all of those insecurities about a guy, sitting waiting for him to call or text. What woman doesn’t know that feeling? “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it have to admit it kept restarting its phone to make sure it was working?” Luke and Edie's story was so incredibly heartwarming and a pleasure to read. Not to mention I loved Edie and her garage. I run an industrial repair shop and I am a big proponent for a woman can do anything a man can do. I absolutely loved this story and I will be looking for more in this series and will be reading more from Novak. I am giving this 5 HUGE Boundless Stars, and I adored it to the moon and back.

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