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Stormi's Review: Wanted in Paradise by Kate Ashenden

APC PUBLISHER: Kate Ashenden RELEASED: November 25, 2018 GENRE: action & adventure, suspense LENGTH: 189 pages FORMAT: ebook


Wanted in Paradise, a hot romantic suspense novel filled with the......

drama of forbidden love...

tension of a love triangle...

glamour of wealthy men...

type of action and adventure that holds your interest!

Set in the beauty of the Maldives...

The perfect location and Romeo Moretti, the famous, talented, and charismatic man that Jasmine has always loved.Paradise is the place to be passionate and free. Paradise is the answer to their problems. However, can all obstacles, no matter what, be overcome by the power of true love? Will those that love power stand in the way? Will Jasmine’s internal and external conflict make her fight for true love impossible? It’s time to find out if love conquers all. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Jasmine has been through a lot. A typhoon injured her and killed her cousin. A love triangle between two brothers bring about the end of one relationship and a start to a new forbidden one, but they lose touch. Years later they meet again, and love is once again a possibility. This story was full of drama and romance. It had some very likable characters. Jasmine is excellent, and I felt for her. Romeo is also a great character. He's famous, but hes different and not the normal self-absorbed famous person. This story tells a good message along with the romance. It was very action packed and kept me on the edge of my seat. Overall, it was written well and was an enjoyable read.

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