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Stormi's Review: The Occupation of Joe by Bill Baynes

APC PUBLISHER: Top Hat Books RELEASED: August 31, 2018 GENRE: historical fiction LENGTH: 128 pages FORMAT: EBOOK, PAPERBACK


Tokyo, 1945. A Japanese boy too old for his years, a survivor of the American firebombing, dares to cross the wasteland where he saw thousands burn to death, and approach the occupying forces to get food for his family. A young Navy lieutenant, proud of the Allied victory but appalled by the devastation he sees across the city, cares enough to help. As post-war pressures mount between the two cultures, he becomes entangled in the lives of the boy, his infant sister and his beautiful mother. The Occupation of Joe is an emotionally powerful, gripping post-war tragedy from Top Hat Books, publisher of quality historical fiction. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Joe is a Navy soldier landing in Japan during the war. All around he sees destruction and starving people. While he is a soldier, his opinions differ from his mates. He sees these as people who need help, while the others see them as the enemy. On one of his departures on land a meeting with a special boy named Ishamu, changes him. This story told the ugly side of the war. The young women and children who get the bitter endings. Ishamu and his family pull at the heartstrings. The destruction they face, the hunger they suffer, both will break you. The small relationship between Joe and Aiko shows great love and respect. I enjoyed the short story. It is one that paints a sad story, but it is also a story of love and hope. A must read for any lover of history.

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