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Sara's Review: Ruth's Baby (Ruth & Gron #4) by V.C. Lancaster

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: V.C. Lancaster RELEASED: April 10, 2017 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 115 pages FORMAT: ebook


The Gandry tribe has settled down after Moira's arrival, but Ruth still feels that something is wrong. The way Gron is acting makes her think he expected something to be different. They want a family, but it's not happening on it's own, so Ruth makes the momentous decision to ask T'Lax for help, and do whatever it takes to hold Gron's baby in her arms. TWO BOUNDLESS STARS

By the time I got to this book I was done with being in Ruth’s headspace, and since this is pretty much how this book is written I had a hard time with it. Lancaster is a talented author it's just I am not a fan of the constant self-monologue. I prefer the story explained things instead of the character explaining. The saving grace is when the baby is finally born. I loved when the book finally got to that point. I will be honest I skimmed a lot to get there. I just wasn’t in the mood for the sex scenes. Which Lancasters writes wonderfully, but since they told in Ruth’s POV, I was just done with them. I wanted out of her head. Ruth’s Baby is getting a 2 Boundless Stars from me I skimmed most of it and just read the important relevant bits, like how the baby was made, born and especially the Epilogue which was my favorite parts. There is one more book in this series right now. Not sure if I am going to read it. I feel like I am in a good place and I am done.

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