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Sara's Review: Gron's Fated (Ruth & Gron #2) by V.C. Lancaster

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: V.C. Lancaster RELEASED: November 30, 2015 GENRE: scifi, fantasy LENGTH: 196 pages FORMAT: ebook


Ruth and Gron have finally arrived on his home planet after falling in love when they were both abducted. But that doesn't mean their problems are over. Now they have to deal with Gron's family, and how Ruth can fulfill her role as a Queen in his society when she can't understand anything anyone says! With Gron's Alpha, mother, brother, and best friend all getting involved, the strain begins to take a toll on his and Ruth's relationship...

Ruth is just trying to make the best of a bad situation in her new jungle home with her mate, but Gron finds himself getting jealous now he doesn't have Ruth to himself anymore, though he knows a male can't expect to hold all his Queen's attention. He has to decide whether he can put his own happiness before Ruth's safety, or whether he has to sacrifice his heart to protect her.

This is a direct sequel to Book 1: Ruth's Bonded. THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

If you haven’t read book 1 Ruth’s Bonded this will spoil it for you, they are meant to be read in order not as standalone. Ruth and Gron are rescued and find themselves and Gron’s planet, but things are never that simple. Ruth can’t speak the language, woman/Queens are scarce and the dominant force on the planet. So when a smaller weaker one shows up, it’s a huge anomaly. This causes chaos and strife in Gron’s tribe because Ruth only has one male and she should pick more as is their people's way. But how do convey that to Ruth when they cannot communicate?

This was fun getting to see all of the other aliens and their way of life and more of Gron’s perspective. Ruth and him not being able to communicate causes so many problems, but what they can get through to each other like their love really works. It frustrated me that Ruth didn’t work harder on communication it seemed like she just gave up and accepted defeat too easily. She was frustrating, and once again we spent way too much time in her head.

Overall this was a fun read, and I like seeing the alien culture that Lancaster created. It was primitive and raw but still fully realized and very vivid. I am rating Gron’s Fated 3 Boundless Stars.

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