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Stormi's Review: My Sister And I by Sean-Paul Thomas

APC PUBLISHER: Paul Thomas Publishing RELEASED: August 25, 2018 GENRE: suspense, horror LENGTH: 211 pages FORMAT: ebook, Paperback


A young teenage girl and her Psychotic twin sister must grow up hard and fast in the unforgiving Scottish Highlands as their father - a sick and twisted, violent man, obsessed with the end of the world - teaches them how to survive out in the wild with no one to rely on but themselves. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Imagine two young girls being raised by a psychopath. This is what this book portrays. 2 young girls are being raised in the Scottish Highlands by their psychotic father. He's obsessed with the end of the world and throws his young girls into survival situations, including the killing of animals and soon people. One sister loves and respects her father, the other hates him and hates the life she is made to lead. This book was crazy. It was a psychological thriller that can be easily seen as a horror story. It is a book that sucks you in with the evils that occur around the two sisters. While reading, I found myself in horror at the things these girls face. As well as horror I felt extreme sadness, that two young girls are made to face and do what they have to do daily to survive. This book is dark and not one that can be read by just anyone. So be warned, this book is not for everyone. The writing you see in this book is one of mastery and imagination. It's dark and dangerous. I can't say I enjoyed this book, with the subject matter it's hard to enjoy, but it kept me deeply enthralled in all the darkness and danger in its pages. I do have to give it to this author though; the ending was awesome.

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