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Stormi's Review: The Long Way Around by Terri Jones

APC PUBLISHER: Enchanted Press RELEASED: August 31, 2018 GENRE: romance, comedy LENGTH: 401 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


A southern fiction story of a trio of lost souls looking for love, acceptance, and family even if they don’t know it.

Reclusive, Savannah artist, Jaggar is happy being alone. No one bothers him. That is until LeAnn Martin enters his apartment.

Despite his best efforts to the contrary, this unlikely pair forms a friendship that evolves. LeAnn's past prevents her from admitting that she’s in love. Paisley has made a mess of her life; finds herself in Savannah running from her troubles. With her arrival, LeAnn must confront her family history.

LeAnn falls into a tailspin, and it's up to Jaggar and Paisley to prove to LeAnn that not everyone will betray her. But Jaggar has secrets of his own that could jeopardize their relationship. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

This story is a story of growth. Jagger, LeAnn, and Paisley make up a crazy trio. All of them have their pasts and all have issues. Jagger is a reclusive artist, LeAnn a pushy person with problems (both past and present), and Paisley has a crazy ex and an even crazier history. But, together this insane threesome can hopefully have a bright future...if they travel the path together. This book was really good. It's also a bit hard to do a review for without dropping spoilers (and I hate spoilers sooo....I'm going to try to avoid that.) Let me just say that this book is crazy awesome. It faces some difficult subjects like alcohol abuse, adoption, and miscarriage while also showing family struggles. It does it in a way that shows emotion and gets you wrapped into the story. It is also filled with romance and drama. Overall, this book was written very well. It has a strong set of characters which, throughout, I had a bit of a love and hate relationship with all of them. It was a great southern story. It kept me reading and captivated.

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