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Cover Reveal & Release: Torn Sheets by Ella Rye

Torn Sheets

By Ella Rye

Genre: Poetry, Free Verse Poetry

Cover Design: By Hang Le

Length: 103 Pages

Release Date: December 6, 2018


Bottled Up

Broken Down

Trying to find all these lost pieces

of myself

From the poet that brought you, The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection. Comes the new collection, Torn Sheets

Torn Sheets explores the frustrations, anxieties of relationships. Also, shining a light on living with an autoimmune disease.

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Also Available:

The Girl: Unspoken Words Collection

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He Doesn’t Love Me

He doesn't love me

It isn't love

He loves the bottle more

If he had a choice

If he had an ultimatum

I know what he would choose

That's why I don't make them

For him to be sober

Would be something to see

He doesn't love me

Even though he says the words

If he did

He wouldn't leave

The liquid hits the floor

He isn't concerned

I wish he was

All I want is his love

Author Bio

Ella Rye grew up in small-town California. She grew up loving words. An avid reader from a young age. During her teen years, she developed a love for poetry and began writing. The words flowed out of her naturally, never even really knowing the type of poetry she was writing. Over the years, poetry helped her throughout her life. It was therapeutic, and now she hopes that her poetry can help those who are going or have gone through the same things. Love and heartbreak have always been a major theme.

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