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Beth's Review: Narcissism: How to Understand, Deal With, and Heal from Narcissism in Your Life b

APC PUBLISHER: Geoffrey Loren

NARRATOR: Leigh Adams RELEASED: September 10, 2018 GENRE: HEALTH, MIND, BODY LENGTH: 1 hour and 9 minutes FORMAT: EBOOK, AUDIBLE


Do you know someone in your life who is Narcissistic? Maybe it is your mother or your father? Your spouse, your boss, or even your best friend? Maybe it is someone you love or maybe it isn't but whoever it is, they are making your life harder to live almost everyday. You don't deserve this. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

This book is short but extremely informative. The author explains narcissism in easy to understand ways. He is straight to the point with analogies everyone will understand. After five years of college, it is with complete confidence that I say, I have never learned so much in an hour as I have with this book. I appreciate the author’s language not using too much scientific terminology that is the norm in this genre. I consider Narcissism: How to Understand, Deal with, and Heal from Narcissism in Your Life is a 4-star book.

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