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Stormi's Review: Fountain Dead by Theresa Braun

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Unnerving RELEASED: November 20, 2018 GENRE: ya, horror LENGTH: 187 pages FORMAT: ebook


Mark is uprooted from his home and high school in the Twin Cities and forced to move with his family into a Victorian in Nowhere-ville. Busy with the relocation and fitting in, Mark’s parents don’t see what’s unfolding around them—the way rooms and left behind objects seem alive with a haunted past. Of course, Mark keeps his ghostly encounters to himself, all the while sinking deeper into the house's dark, alluring, and ultimately terrifying history. As romantic entanglements intensify, the paranormal activity escalates. Past and present come together. Everything is connected—from the bricks in the walls to the hearts beating in their chests, all the secrets of Fountain Dead are finally unearthed. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Mark can think of nothing worse than moving to a no-name town with his family, but his opinions don't matter. Once moved into the old Victorian he now calls home, strange things, haunting things, begin to happen. This is a story that blends past a present in a hauntingly mysterious tale. From beginning to end this book had me spooked. From the tales of the past to Mark's many haunting encounters, this story is full of mystery and spookiness. This story was well written. It was full of action and had a great set of characters. It kept me reading all night. I have no clue how to review this without spoilers, so I'm just going to say this is definitely worth the read!

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