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Sara's Review: Fractions of Existence (Existence, #1) by J. Lenni Dorner

APC PUBLISHER: J. Lenni Dorner RELEASED: September 19, 2017 GENRE: NEw Adult, scifi, fantasy LENGTH: 518 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback



Once they were humanity's exalted protectors— now they are being hunted. Xavier will weigh all human life against Gwendolyn's ignorant happiness.

The good news is that her choice can blow his away. Omnipotent beings find each other while playing an online game. Xavier has been searching for Gwendolyn, his true mate and the missing member of the Existence. Only if reunited can the group regain the rest of their memories and access all of their powers. Hidden in plain sight, disguised as humans, they help who they can, as best they can, when they can. TWO BOUNDLESS STARS

I have never personally been a fan of books that reveal things slowly, same goes for movies. I know some people love them, I find them more frustrating than anything. I’m not talking a mystery that’s fine. I’m talking books or movies that approach the plot like their audience should already know what's going on when we don’t then reveal things slowly. In Fractions of Existence, there is a group of people/beings who are extraordinary with the power over the elements. Throughout the story, they speak of past lives and other tragedies. Nothing is revealed to the reader. Their mythology is never explained. The reason they are being hunted, is never explained. I almost DNF'd this so many times. I liked the story of Wend and Xavier, that is the only thing that kept me reading. I’ll be honest when the story wasn't on Wend I skimmed after awhile. Because frankly saying your hero is madly in love with his lost other half then have him whoring around is in bad taste. I think the basic concept of the story is solid. However, the follow through is all over the place. It is set up to be an Urban Fantasy, yet the love story is much like a Young adult romance, with all the BS angst and maturity level that goes with it. Then you add in the billionaire crap with the poor naive religious girl, and I was just over it. There is some paranormal thrown in, but it takes a back seat. Don’t get me started on how much of a wreak Wend is, what’s with the crying and vomiting all the time? I get the crying but the vomiting, what's the deal? Could you make her more of a neurotic mess? I wanted to see what would happen when Wend and Xavier finally got together. I was hoping to finally understand the mythology. But alas no, the book ends in a cliffhanger…….WTF I am giving Fractions of Existence 2 Boundless stars, and that is being kind.

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