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Stormi's Review: Ancient Souls (Historical Fantasy Romance Series #1) by Marianne Bissett

APC PUBLISHER: Marianne Bissett RELEASED: July 8, 2018 GENRE: historical romance LENGTH: 298 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Death is only temporary and then you’re reborn, sending out a call to other souls linked through past friendship, love—and betrayal.

When WWII nurse Cora Tate discovers she can remember past lives, she is thrust into a world she never knew existed but lived through more times than she could count. Although the memories of her many pasts have not yet returned, she finds herself at the center of a centuries-old conflict with a clear line dividing those who seek power and those who seek to give it. With her superior fighting skills and instincts for battle resurfacing, Cora agrees to fight, joining ancient warriors who could never blend in and a petite female sniper you could never see coming.

With battle after battle, Cora's memories begin to flood back--though some not soon enough. Their leader, British Captain Alastair Scott, doesn’t hide his feelings for her, barely reigning in his passions in his attempt to give her space to remember. But as Cora’s mind begins to open further revealing her love for Alastair and the never ending war in which they fight, memories of another soul emerge in a far away past where lovers turned enemies and enemies turned lovers.

With her destiny held in the balance, Cora must reconcile between who she once was with whom she was always meant to be to stop the war for good. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Cora Tate is a just a nurse. At least that's what she thinks. When visions send her into a world, she didn't know existed, her entire life changes. From living many past lives to being a highly skilled fighting machine, Cora will be forever changed. This story was very good. It was mystical and full of action. It had great characters ranging from good to bad. I loved Cora and Alastair. From the start, these two won me over. Overall, I enjoyed this story. I have always been big on past lives as a subject in any book, and this story gave me that plus action and tons of history. All around this story was exactly my type. It had romance, mystery, and action. It was written very well.

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