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Sara's Review: Caid (Intergalactic Dating Agency) by Cara Bristol

APC PUBLISHER: Cara Bristol RELEASED: November 8, 2018 GENRE: scifi, romance LENGTH: 82 pages FORMAT: ebook


How to lose an alien in fourteen days

Matchmaker Jessie Hancock has a perfect record helping others find their Mr. or Ms. Right through the Intergalactic Dating Agency until Caid arrives. The sinfully handsome, smooth-talking alien is everything she’s dreamed of—but can’t have. Even if he was interested in a curvy, freckle-faced redheaded wallflower, it’s forbidden for employees to date clients, so she works hard to find him a woman. But when none of the dates meets with his approval, her boss gives her an ultimatum—find Caid a match or else! With her heart breaking and her job on the line, she launches a plan to introduce Caid to a woman he’ll find irresistible.

The instant Caid from planet Dakon lays eyes on Jessie with the beautiful orange hair, he knows the Fates have chosen her for him. To get closer to her, he goes along with her attempts to “match” him with someone else while doing his best to charm her and convince her they’re meant for each other. Despite his efforts, she continues to insist she can’t be his mate. Now time is running out, and if he can’t up his game, he’ll lose her forever. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

I voluntarily received a copy of Caid for an honest review all thoughts an opinions are my own. In the third Installment of the Intergalactic Dating Agency, we get Caid’s book who we met briefly in book 2. Like all other Dakonian males coming to Earth, he is looking for his destined mate. Jessie the Dating Agency Match Maker who we met way back in book one is his fated mate. She doesn’t believe it and keeps sending Caid out on dates since it's against company policy to date a client. Caid’s complete cluelessness on how to get a woman is charming and endearing. Yet he keeps trying and even though Jessie wants to be angry and repulsed she is charmed. This was a really quick read one that was super sweet and a great addition to this series. I am giving it 4 Boundless Stars I really enjoyed it.

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