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Lissa's Review: Here's to Yesterday (Here's To #2) by Teagan Hunter

KINDLE UNLIMITED PUBLISHER: Teagan Hunter RELEASED: August 18, 2015 GENRE: new adult, contemporary romance LENGTH: 313 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback



My entire life has been "perfect" for as long as I can remember. A loving family, a boyfriend who adores me, and anything I wanted, I got. But it was all a lie, a façade. My family isn't loving, my boyfriend is more interested in my body than my mind, and it turns out money can't buy happiness.

I've felt lost and stuck for far too long. Then, everything changed when I was least expecting it. It wasn't supposed to happen.Not with...him.


I want to make one thing clear: I saw her first.

Not that it makes anything okay, but it's true. The moment she walked into my line of sight, I knew she was something special. I could see past the mask she wore, could see right down to her soul.

I recognized instantly that she needed a friend...and it just so happens I did too. So, I wormed my way in. Took her out on the town, forced her from her solitary existence. Together we grew brave, stepped outside the boxes we'd been placed in. Walked a thin line between "just friends" and something more.

I just didn't mean to fall in love with...her. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Here’s to Yesterday is a romance, but also about two people finding happiness in, not just the relationship, but them as a whole. Does that make sense? I hope so. Tucker and Maura are complicated but when is love not complicated. There is the one issue that Maura was dating his brother. But whatever, I didn’t like Tanner anyway. I know, I’m horrible. But he didn’t deserve her anyway. Now, this isn’t a cheating story. Maybe emotionally, but it was obvious they couldn’t just be friends. Though I didn’t connect with Tucker and Maura on a deeper level. I still really enjoyed this. I loved that Hunter took the time with these characters. They were coming into their own. In a sense, they needed each other to get there, even if they were apart. This is an excellent series, and I’m glad that I jumped into it. Hunter’s writing style really is beautiful. And the things these characters say to each other. Make you want to melt Overall, Four Boundless Stars

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