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Sara's Review: Heart of Ice (Alice Worth #3) by Lisa Edmonds

APC PUBLISHER: City Owl Press RELEASED: October 23, 2018 GENRE: paranormal, thriller, suspense LENGTH: 466 pages FORMAT: ebook


Even the coldest hearts can burn...

After closing a big case for the Vampire Court, mage private investigator Alice Worth is relieved to be back solving magical mysteries with her ghost sidekick Malcolm and spending quality time with sexy alpha werewolf Sean. Her latest case puts her on the trail of a burglary ring targeting wealthy collectors of magical objects. Meanwhile, Alice’s grandfather, crime lord Moses Murphy, fights a local boss for control of the city. Soon a new danger emerges: Moses’s new lieutenant is someone Alice knows and this is one family reunion she wants to avoid at all costs.

When Sean is injured as a result of her investigation, Alice faces the wrath of his pack and finds herself in a carefully laid trap. To save the city from Moses and his lieutenant, she risks capture by her grandfather and unimaginable torture at his hands. To save Sean, she risks losing everything she's fought so hard to gain. But Alice has never backed down from anything in her life and she’s not about to start now... FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Lisa Edmonds did not hold back with her 3rd installment in the Alice Worth series. Alice is helping track down the group that bombed Charles’s bar at the beginning of the book when everything goes to hell. From there, Alice is forced to hire security. Not wanting to get in deeper with the vampires than she already is she decides to hire Sean’s firm. I loved seeing them together. As much as the oppressive security chaffed on Alice’s sense of freedom. The protectiveness from Sean was something I loved seeing. It brought out a softer side to Alice and is starting to melt through her walls. The story had so much action that as soon as I thought it was going to stop for a bit it would ramp back up and my adrenaline would start flowing. Not only was Alice under a threat but she was also working a case to retrieve stolen magical artifacts, and her Grandfather officially declared war on her cities crime boss. Alice’s life couldn’t get much more hectic. Oh but wait it can, not all of Sean’s pack is happy he is dating a non-shifter, and when he gets injured helping Alice, she is blamed and cut off. Alice, must save herself, save Sean, all while staying hidden from her family. Heart of Ice was another thrilling installment of the Alice Worth Series, and I can not wait for more. Alice has changed so much, and I love her and Sean together. I want to see them form that bond permanently, I want Alice whole and happy. I am giving Heart of Ice 5 Boundless Stars, and it was an explosive nonstop thrilling ride.

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