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Beth's Review: Everything Inc.: The Precious and the Broken by Geoff Sturtevant

APC PUBLISHER: Geoff Sturtevant

NARRATOR: Paul J. McSorley RELEASED: August 10, 2016 GENRE: SCIFI, DYSTOPIAN LENGTH: 2 hours and 32 minutes FORMAT: EBOOK, AUDIBLE



In a dystopian future where a single organization controls all goods and services, thousands of impoverished Americans abandon pride and freedom to become part of Everything Incorporated. When Paul Harper, alone and failed, makes his way to Enterprise City with all the others, will he find redemption, or will he end up underground? Everything Inc. is a story of perseverance, purpose, and redemption. The things that make life worth living, among the counter-forces of evil. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Everything Inc. is set during a time where one big corporation controls the world. The perfect example of Monopolization; yet, it is written to allow the characters to make this a sad and funny story at the same time. I found myself empathetic one minute and laughing the next. The author did a great job bringing this story to life with excellent imagery and directing the story to unfold perfectly to maintain the interest of the reader. The narrator performed Everything Inc. with voices to match each character and made the best of the authors work. I enjoyed Everything Inc. and rated it with 4 HUGE stars. I highly recommend it.

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