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Sara's Review: Chasing Earth: Saving Askara Part II (Tori & Aderus #2) by J.M. Link

APC PUBLISHER: J.M. Link RELEASED: September 13, 2018 GENRE: scifi, fantasy, romance LENGTH: 142 pages FORMAT: ebook


*Part II/conclusion of Saving Askara* Tori knows Aderus sees dealing with Earth as necessary to an unlikely, but last-ditch effort to save his world, as she tries to bridge the gap between two vastly different species while proving to him she’s more than just some unimpressive human. But her fascination and his frustration have led to an attraction she’s unprepared to handle. Or more precisely, the consequences of acting on it; which not only involve changes to her body, but struggling with what the fierce Askari inspires. And what’s actually possible between them.


Aderus never imagined a creature like Tori would be what he has come to crave, even over his own kind. The sentiments she provokes perturb as much as they invite and entice him and understanding her proves a separate challenge. But when his actions result in an unintended threat to the balance of power in a fragile alliance between their two races, he is forced to weigh his trust in her against the only thing that matters to him. Or so he thought. 2.5 (THREE) BOUNDLESS STARS

I was looking forward to Chasing Earth after reading the first in this series Saving Askara, which I rated 4.5 Boundless Stars. Chasing Earth is the Conclusion of Tori and Aderus story which ended on a cliffhanger in book one. So you will be lost if you start with this book. I had the same issue with this book as I had with book one that it didn’t read smoothly and I found myself having to go back and re-read parts to understand what Link was trying to convey. But this time, instead of being so caught up in the evolving relationship between Tory and Aderus. I was just reading a book. It felt like the passion, suspense and that flair that made Saving Askara so special was missing in this book. I’ve read some of the other reviews on G/R, and I concur that it would have been better just to have made book one longer and forgo this book entirely. It went from a level of I really enjoyed/loved it to it was ok, but it really could have been a lot better. Am I finished with this series? Absolutely not, I will read Link again, and I think Link shows a lot of promise. I'm rating Chasing Earth: Saving Askara Part II 2.5 Boundless stars. It was ok, and I did enjoy some aspects, but it could have been a lot better it just didn’t live up to my expectations which was a huge disappointment.

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