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Cover Reveal: Witching Hour: Sinister Legends by Various Authors

Witching Hour: Sinister Legends

Lenore Cheairs, Wendy Cheairs,

Jenniefer Andersson , Alana Delacroix,

Charlotte Dhark, Trinity Hanrahan

Sienna Haslam, Morgan Heyward, Kristin Jacques

Maggie Jane Schuler, Alyssa Brocker,

Angie Brocker, JM Butler

Print Length: 35 pages

Publisher: Witching Hour Press

Publication Date: October 23, 2018


Cover Artist: Covers by Combs

Tagline: In every legend there is a seed of truth...

Book Description:

Bloody Mary...

Bloody Mary...

Bloody...maybe we shouldn’t test that just yet.

Urban legends, fact or fiction, at the end of the day they’re all stories. We know not to spin around the room in the dark whispering her name. We've heard about the man with the hook and the terror that stalks the babysitter while she's home alone.

But there are other tales told around the fire at night. The man finding the steps into hell and sanity flickering away. Mind control experiments by governments, big and small. The woman married to the man of peculiar tastes. There are the haunted hospitals, sleep trials in Russia and more.

Slenderman and Bigfoot are nowhere within these stories; these are only the unusual and dark ones, slanted into truth.

In every legend, there is a seed of truth. Welcome to the Witching Hour.

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