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Sara's Review: Savage Heart (Of the Clan Warrior Chronicles #1) by Rebecca Day

APC PUBLISHER: rebecca day RELEASED: September 28, 2018 GENRE: dystopian, romance LENGTH: 232 pages FORMAT: ebook


The year is 2532. Grace belongs to a small group of mountain dwellers who believe they’re the sole survivors of a plague that swept the earth hundreds of years ago. When she confronts the Elders about a threat to their survival, she is denounced and exiled for blasphemy. Knowing her only hope rests on the existence of other tribes, she heads toward the ruins of the old world.

Raimus is a proud warrior of the Clan, a warlike society that survived the plague and fall of civilization through brute strength and a strict isolation policy. Trained for battle, he was raised in a world where all outsiders are either killed or enslaved.

When these two meet, they’re forced to depend on each other to survive and Raimus finds himself questioning everything he was taught to believe.


I voluntarily received a copy of Savage Heart for review all thoughts and opinions are my own. Grace a healer, is a young woman who has been raised in a separatist religious zealous society way up in a mountain region. Her people believe they are the only survivors after a plague swept through 500 years ago killing off most of the population and reducing them to hunter-gathers. Grace finds herself banished from her clan and out on her own wandering the country looking for other survivors. Raimus a warrior of the Mace Clan, was raised to believe warriors are above all others. Anyone not of their warrior clan is either slaughtered or captured and made a slave. There is no breeding with outsiders, and it is forbidden and vile. His clan is currently gearing up for the next war.

When Grace and Raimus are captured by vile Darians, they must work as a team to escape, or they will both be doomed. Time is not on their side, and trust must be quickly given. I loved this book. Grace’s story especially. I had tears in my eyes almost from the start. I couldn't believe what was done, to such a young woman. It was outrageous, and I was incensed for her. Things only seemed to get worse. Then I wasn’t even sure it would get better when Raimus came into the picture because of his people's views of outsiders. But Grace remained true to herself and stayed brave, courageous and honorable. I think no matter what the circumstances are a good person will shine and Grace was written as a phenomenal character. Savage Heart has an original concept with the separatist societies after the plague it is unlike any book or movie I’ve read or seen. The characters are fascinating and so well developed, it was a like getting lost in another time and place. By the end of the story I couldn’t control the tears, they were free-flowing. That means this is getting 5 Boundless Stars and nothing less.

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