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Lissa's Review: Dark Bound (Shadow and Light #2) by Kim Richardson

ARC PUBLISHER: Kim Richardson RELEASED: September 13, 2018 GENRE: paranormal, urban fantasy LENGTH: 267 pages FORMAT: ebook


The pulse-pounding continuation of the Shadow and Light series!

After narrowly surviving her encounter with the archangel Vedriel, Rowyn finds herself on another Hunt. But there’s a catch. Her new employer is the faerie Queen of the Dark Court, and Rowyn HATES faeries. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Dark Bound is thrilling, exciting and one of the best paranormal series I’ve read. Rowyn always seems to find herself in some kind of a mess. But she always tries to figure out a way out of them. I love Rowyn, she is so bad a$$. She can have arrows shot into her thigh and still that doesn’t stop her. I mean, how can you not love her? She also finds some humor in the midst of it all. It helps though to have the cat Tyrius by her side. I love that Demon. Just like the first book, once the story starts, it’s a roller coaster. There’s never a moment where you’re thinking, man this boring. There’s no chance, after one thing there’s something else. You never know what Richardson has up her sleeve. Rowyn and Jax’s relationship is explored in Dark Bound. But there’s something that has to keep them apart. Even though you don’t get those hot scorching moments, you feel it. There’s something that lies deep within them, and it’s like they are destined to be a part of each other's lives. I’ve been a fan of Richardson for a while. It just seems like every book she writes, and she gets better and better. The writing is magic, it’s brilliant, and I can’t get enough. Now I have to wait for #3, and I hate waiting. What’s going to happen next? I have to know. Hurry up book three. Overall, Five Boundless Stars

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