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Beth's Review: DAVE! (A Novel from the Future), Part 1: The Invaders by Marc Richard


narrator: David S. Dear RELEASED: August 3, 2016 GENRE: humor, satire LENGTH: 2 hours and 46 minutes FORMAT: ebook, audible




And President Mel Gibson?

America is in trouble, dudes.The country is in ruins after the president walls it up, sealing it like a giant prison. The rich get richer and the poor starve to death in the streets. Enter the Invaders, a secret society led by a charismatic and flawlessly handsome dude named Dave. Their mission: Destroy the forces in D.C. and take back the U.S.A.!Starlet Richter is your typical transgender American woman. After years of watching the place fall apart, she’s gonna do something about it. Eric Tisdsale is Starlet’s long-lost love. He’s making a pretty mundane living as a pool shark, until one phone call changes everything. Will they save each other? Themselves? The world? How about when they discover the president is not actually human, and there may be more of his kind hiding among us? FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

One word: Wow! This book is hilariously unique. I love the first person point of view and the fun characters I meet while listening to Dave! Part 1. I laughed out loud while listening; I listen while I drive so I got an extra perk with the looks I got from the other drivers! This is a brilliantly written work of fiction; it’s a quick and smooth listen/read. The narrator did a great job too! His voice and tones were perfect for every situation. I highly recommend it and look forward to part 2! Overall, Dave! is a huge Four Boundless star book. I loved it!

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