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Sara's Review: Back to Black: A captive ménage romance by Katerina Winters

APC PUBLISHER: Katerina Winters RELEASED: September 8, 2018 GENRE: erotica LENGTH: 217 pages FORMAT: ebook



College student, Everly Pengram, was trying to turn her life right side up again. Heartbroken, pregnant, and alone in a new town, Everly just wanted a fresh start. Abducted

Lured by her smile and driven by need, two brothers will stop at nothing to have her. It was supposed to be a simple bank robbery, get in and get out. With one look at her plans changed. After years of searching, they finally found the perfect woman, and they weren’t going to let her get away.


Ensnared by their strong, gentle hands, they demanded everything from Everly. Taking her freedom and forcing her submission, the two tyrants would stop at nothing until they claimed her heart. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

I voluntarily received a copy of Back to Black in exchange for an honest review. The opinions in the review are my own. Every once in a while a Dark Erotica will peak my interest. Now, this is in no ways comparable to others I have read other than it is a Captive story with dubious consent. There is no rape, and the heroes treat our heroin very lovingly. That was a huge plus for the story. Had there been abuse or rape I wouldn’t have been able to stomach it. All three characters are fully realized, and for once two men wanting to share a woman makes sense. Zane and Reid were given a backstory full of pain and heartache that made me understand the men they have become. It also made me understand why the kidnapped Everly. Everly being raised in a cult-like deeply religious Polygamist community; she was the perfect woman for two men to share. She would understand what Zane and Reid needed when another woman couldn’t or wouldn’t. Another plus in this story is Everly herself; she wasn’t written weak in my opinion. She cried a lot, but in her position who wouldn’t? But she didn’t give in to the men quickly she remained true to herself. This is erotica, and there is sex, very hot melt your kindle worthy sex. However, Winters has mastered the perfect ratio of story to sex. Too much sex in any novel and it takes away from the story and especially the characters. Winters didn't do that. Back to Black has just the right amount to steamy goodness. It was perfect. I am giving Back To Black, 4 Boundless Stars if you enjoy captive erotica from a fantastic author who can spin a great character-driven story than this is one for you.

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