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Sara's Review: Enslave Me Sweetly (Alien Huntress #2) by Gena Showalter


NARRATOR: Justine Eyre PUBLISHER: Simon & Schuster Audio RELEASED: August 13, 2013 GENRE: scifi, fantasy, romance LENGTH: 8 hours and 34 minutes FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible


Eden Black walks among humans, protecting them from the murderous evil of other-worlders who abduct and enslave. And though she appears to be human herself, Eden is an alien, a Raka, distinguished by her golden hair and skin, and gifted with the ominous ability to kill without remorse—and with total accuracy. That is, until the fateful night she has one shot to eliminate her target, a human slaver—and misses.

"Failure" is not in Eden's vocabulary. Neither is "partner"—but that's what she is forcibly assigned after recovering from her disastrous mission. A sexy, steely-nerved human agent, Lucius Adaire enjoys nothing more than sparking the fury—and rousing the desire—of the fiery female assassin too proud to admit defeat. Locked in an assignment they cannot afford to lose, Lucius and Eden find themselves bound in two high-stakes, heart-pounding games: the sensual web of kill or be killed, and the erotic dance of seduction. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

As I was listening to this book, I was wondering to myself, not for the first time, what took me so long to start with this series? It has everything I love! Strong heroines, Alpha males, and aliens! It is also written by one of my favorite authors that I have been reading for years. So I honestly don’t know why it has taken me so long to jump into this series. I loved Eden; she was the perfect kick-ass chick that even though she was underestimated at every turn held her own and then some. I loved that she dropped men far bigger and deadlier than her with ease. Lucius started off as a jerk that I didn’t care for but much like a fungus her grew on me the same way her grew on Eden. And I soon didn’t see her with anybody else but him. Their chemistry was explosive, and I loved them together. The story was fantastic, loaded with danger, action, and romance. I can’t wait to read more! Especially Devyn’s story!

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