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Stormi's Review: Cherries in Winter by Jeffrey G. Roberts

apc PUBLISHER: Kellan Publishing RELEASED: July 12, 2015 GENRE: time-travel, romance LENGTH: 86 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


It was was a routine training flight from Malmstrom AFB in Montana, in September, 2016. Then suddenly, instead of four F-22 Raptors, Captain Drew Mitchell finds himself completely alone in the sky! Communications can not pick up anything - until what he finally does receive over his helmet comm link will ultimately change the world forever....if he can only figure out where he is - and survive! FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Captain Drew Mitchell is on a standard F-22 flight mission in 2016 when all of a sudden he finds himself alone and in quite a predicament. He lands in a field at an air base and finds out somehow he has traveled to 1916. Now it's up to him alone to get back to his own time. I am a big lover of books about time travel and also history. This story was awesome. It was action packed from beginning to end. It's a great time travel story. Drew is just doing his job when, BOOM, he is alone and finds himself thrown back in time. I just kept thinking wow, what if that really could happen? I loved his part in this story. He is a very realistic character. This story was a fast fun read and was filled with history and a little romance. I honestly hated to put it down, and so I read it almost all the way through in one night.

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