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Beth's Review: Breathe (The Destiny #1) by Christine Grey

APC PUBLISHER: Christine Grey

NARRATOR: J. Scott Bennett RELEASED: March 20, 2018 GENRE: romance, fantasy LENGTH: 11 hours and 14 minutes FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible


Dearra comes into possession of the magical Sword of Cyrus just as the evil Breken attack her island home. Though her people succeed in driving their enemy back to the sea, one of the invaders remains behind, left for dead by his cruel kin. Now, Dearra doesn’t know what to be more surprised by, the fact that her sword can speak to her, or that it has imperiously informed her that the handsome Breken warrior is her destiny. The two are bound together by a chain of events that was set into motion a thousand years earlier, and everything they thought they knew about themselves, their history, and their future is about to change. FOUR BOUNDLESS STARS

Breathe was a good read; the story was detailed, and the imagery was vivid. The characters were fun and comical at times; Dearra was a unique character, and I loved having a strong female as the main character, even if she did behave like a child at times. I loved the adventurous and suspenseful parts of the story the most. Unfortunately, there was a lot of unnecessary text in between the good parts. I felt a bit overwritten at times and slowed the story down, but it was worth it in the end. I rate the story with 3 stars. I listened to the audio version of this, and the voices the narrator gave the characters kept me listening. He is a creative and talented narrator! I give the narration five stars. Overall rating for this book is four stars.

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