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Beth's Review: Veiled By Privilege (Radical #1) by Anne Garboczi Evans

APC PUBLISHER: Anne Garboczi Evans RELEASED: February 20, 2018 GENRE: contemporary romance, suspense LENGTH: 324 pages FORMAT: ebook


CIA field officer Joe Csontos is desperate to discover Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula’s next target before thousands of Americans die.

Atheist grad student in Middle Eastern studies, Kay Bianchi needs a dissertation project riveting enough to pass muster with her capricious professor. When Kay illegally travels to Saudi Arabia under a false identity, she has no idea the passport holder is betrothed to a high-profile terrorist, or that the passport holder’s male relative intends to marry Kay off in seven days.

The moment Joe meets Kay he is attracted to her, but she's some tree-hugging liberal who doesn’t even believe in the Second Amendment. When the terrorists jeopardize both their lives, they have to work together.

Will Joe and Kay stop the terrorists in time? Can Kay’s love of Islamic culture survive an encounter with Al Qaeda, and if it does, can a leftist and a right-winger fall in love? THREE BOUNDLESS STARS

This is a one of a kind suspense story. It has everything: love, action, religion, politics, and of course, there has to be the government agency involved in all of it, or it wouldn’t be believable! It took a great imagination to come up with this one. I love the personalities of all the characters, well, almost all of them. The only negative is, I did find it hard to keep up with the story, as there was a lot of description and thoughts coming out in the conversations causing me to go back and reread a few times, but other than that it was a smooth read. Not a quick read, but a smooth read. I give it 3 Boundless stars. It was good.

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