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Sara's Review: Heart of Fire (Alice Worth #2) by Lisa Edmonds

APC PUBLISHER: City Owl Press RELEASED: May 29, 2018 GENRE: mystery, thriller, suspense LENGTH: 364 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Alice hasn’t had a decent night’s sleep in weeks, her relationship with werewolf Sean Maclin is on the rocks, a federal agent hounds her every step, and a powerful vampire whose ulterior motives have ulterior motives watches her every move. It’s enough to drive any woman to drink.

Just when Alice's ghost sidekick Malcolm is about to stage an intervention, her former employer, Mark Dunlap, enlists her help to find out who’s been kidnapping women off the streets. As the list of the missing grows, the city’s anger turns against the vampires, and the Vampire Court hires Mark and Alice to find those responsible. After the case reunites her with Sean, Alice is forced to confront painful demons from her past, as well as the very real demon who wants her dead and the vampire determined to control her power.

When tragedy strikes close to home and a friend’s life hangs in the balance, Alice goes up against the most powerful adversary she’s ever faced in an explosive showdown that will leave Alice and her city forever changed. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I was asked to read and review Hearts of Fire and give it an honest review. Anyone who knows me and follows my reviews knows I won't start a series in the middle. So, of course, I started with Book one, Heart of Malice. I would strongly suggest starting at the beginning for anyone who wants to dive into this fantastic series, one which I highly recommend to anyone who loves Urban Fantasy. Then once you finish with book one before you move on to book 2, you MUST, and I do mean MUST read both Just for One Night and Blood Money. Both novellas, give critical insight into the characters and more backstory on Alice’s relationships that are essential for Heart of Fire. In Heart of Fire, we get a real taste of what a kick-ass chick Alice indeed is and what true depth of her magic can be. Even though, I have a feeling we haven’t even seen a sliver of her real power or potential. She is broken and suffering from what happened at the end of book one, yet when she is needed, she puts her big girl panties on and gets it together. Even though a few aspects of the story were a bit predictable, I still loved every second of the journey. Alice is the type of Heroin I live to read about and scour the net looking for others of her ilk. Tough, no-nonsense, a bit damaged, yet so real and full of compassion and needing love yet afraid of it when it finds them. Also, did I mention she kicks ass! Go girl power! I loved this story; I loved the mystery, the characters, even the bit of a love triangle that had me yelling at Edmonds, because Alice belongs with Sean, that just all there is to it! Don’t make me start a petition! Or a revolt! LOL As you can imagine this story is getting 5 Boundless stars, what else would it get? Edmonds can’t get book three out fast enough as far as I am concerned.

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