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Stormi's Review: The Port Elspeth Jewelry Making Club by Holly Tierney-Bedord

APC PUBLISHER: Holly Tierney-Bedord RELEASED: June 10, 2018 GENRE: contemporary romance LENGTH: 406 pages FORMAT: ebook


It's been five years since the idyllic oceanside town of Port Elspeth was rocked by tragedy. Shortly after their high school graduation, Evangeline Maddingly, daughter of one of the town's wealthiest old-money families, and Oliver Prescott, son of one of the town's wealthiest new-money families, were found dead in an isolated cabin in the woods outside of town. The circumstances surrounding their untimely deaths are murky at best, thanks in large part to a coroner with connections to the town's founding families and a sweeping effort from those in power to shut down any negative publicity that could harm the reputation of their pristine community.Five years later, a small group of strangers gather to create jewelry for one of Port Elspeth's many fundraisers. Before long, friendships are forming and old secrets are being revealed. Along with solving the mystery of how to make a perfect pair of chandelier earrings or cabochon necklace, these unlikely friends find themselves at the heart of solving the murders that took place half a decade earlier. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

A small town is shook by tragedy. Years later a group of women gets together to make jewelry for a local fundraiser. Along the way, and despite their differences, the women become friends, and during their many sessions, past secrets come to light, and they find themselves solving an old crime. This book was excellent. It is a book that grabs you. It was full of drama and mystery. It was fun and somewhat sad. It has some very likable characters. Cadence is fantastic and yet I feel sorry for her. Audra is just awesome, and I loved her from the start. Pearl and Margo made me laugh. Vivienne and Olivia were hard to come to terms with because they are shrouded in mystery. The characters make this story. The ending is a mix of crazy and is downright awesome!! It was different from what I expected but in a good way. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I just wanted more. It was written in a very well detailed and enthralling way.

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