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Sara's Review: Whirlwind (Valos of Sonhadra #4) by Ripley Proserpina

REVIEWER PURCHASE PUBLISHER: Ripley Proserpina RELEASED: February 11, 2018 GENRE: sci-fi, fantasy LENGTH: 140 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback


Locked away by a species known only as The Creators, the Ventos, a race of air elementals, have lived a half-life—alive but unaware of the passage of time, or who they are. Until Aveline arrives. The last four Ventos in Sonhandra, Aaddhar, Branesh, Ettan, and Thanasis, are awake now, and Aveline holds their hearts in her thieving little hands. Faced with a world utterly changed and unfamiliar, they decide to forge a new one. Together, they’ll create world of freedom and joy, and if the five of them are the only ones who enjoy it, that’s fine with the Ventos. But Aveline didn’t arrive alone. The person at the heart of her downfall, the one who pushed her onto the path that led to loss and pain, has fallen through the wormhole as well. And she threatens everything Aveline and her Ventos have created. Will they be strong enough to survive the threat they now face? Or will the Ventos be sent back into oblivion and Aveline into hell? TWO BOUNDLESS STARS

The book started off interesting with Aveline on the prison ship being tortured, once the ship starts to crash and Aveline gets sucked out into a cloud city is when the author lost me. Who was attacking her at this point and why? I never did understand how she wound up in the temple or where the heart stones came from. It was all confusing. I even went back and re-read it and was still confused. Later in the story when her men tried to explain what happened, I still didn’t get it. There was just a lot of overall confusion in the story. Which just got frustrating. Proserpina’s vision just didn’t translate for me onto the page, and I couldn’t see what she was trying to depict. I wanted to like this book, but I couldn’t get a grasp on it. Because of that, I am giving it 2 Boundless stars; it could have been a lot better.

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