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Lissa's Review: Dark Hunt (Shadow and Light #1) by Kim Richardson

APC PUBLISHER: FablePrint RELEASED: June 19, 2018 GENRE: Paranormal, urban fantasy LENGTH: 254 pages FORMAT: ebook


Once she was the hunter, but now she is the hunted…

Demons and half-breeds rule the darkness in a mortal world rampant with dangers beyond imagining. It’s where they hide, prowl, party… and feed. Rowyn Sinclair’s job is to track and hunt them.

Rowyn is a Hunter and angel-born—a mortal with angelic essence flowing in her veins—and she’s going after demons with a vengeance.

When the Council offers her a job to hunt a human-killing demon, Rowyn must work with Jax, the sexy and dangerous warrior who has a vendetta of his own. But Rowyn is hiding a dark secret… something that’s always been there… a secret that could change everything… FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Dark Hunt is a thrilling paranormal story, which will have you reading late into the night. I devoured it, and I couldn’t stop. Rowyn is a hunter, but she doesn’t know what else she is either. Sworn to hunt demons and not be part of the Legion. She’s out on her own. I loved Rowyn she is a great character. A strong female, with a good heart and she’s not going to let anyone bring her down. I loved her witty banter, I love a strong-willed female. My favorite show of all time is Buffy. And I see a little bit of Buffy in her as well. The cast of characters, you quickly fall in love with. I want to write this review but not give you every detail of this story.. and it’s so hard! Dark Hunt is a brilliant start to a series and Richardson never disappoints. It has so much action from the beginning and never stops. You’re left in the dark, not knowing what else is lurking around the corner. The mystery that surrounds this whole story is just excellent. I never and I wasn’t able to guess what was happening. Of course, I have to give this Five Boundless Stars

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