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Book Spotlight: Strength of Love (Heirs of Orion #3) by D. Anne Paris

With his special powers, Jason "Tiny" Tucker could handle anything. Bullets, hauling cars, Bigfoot, nothing scared him. When a psychotic ex-lover captures and tortures him, he loses his powers and himself. His only light is his angel, Elle, who opened the door to his heart but hasn't fallen for his good looks and charm. When Elle succumbs to the after effects of her powers it stirs emotions he never knew existed. Now it's up to him to help her heal and unleash the passion trapped inside of her. Despite her miserable past, Elle Stevens became a healer. Determined not to turn into her promiscuous mother, Elle leads a celibate life focused solely on helping others. When she meets Tiny he awakens feelings in her that she tries to push away but her heart and body crave. It's hard to control when she's tasked with helping him heal from his wounds. Harder when he stays by her side day and night. Impossible when she looks into his eyes and sees a future she thought she could never have. Unfortunately, someone has other plans for them and they don't include a happy ever after.

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While growing up, D. Anne knew that her imagination was a bit different. Her invisible friends manipulated sound and psychically moved objects, causing her friend’s invisible friends to run away never to be seen again. Her major crush wasn’t from this planet and her first love had four wheels and a V8 Engine. It doesn't come as a surprise that the call of science fiction and paranormal romance pulled her into writing. Her stories entice readers to escape from their everyday normal to join her gifted characters in their exhilarating stories. She hopes her stories will inspire others to tap into their own abilities to help the world in a positive way. Living in her 100 year old home with her furry and non furry kids, D. Anne enjoys working on her beloved sports car. After cleaning off the grease and oil she loves to dig into photography, sewing, and cultivating blueberries bushes from her farm. She enjoys hearing from her fans who can connect with her via twitter @danneparis or contact her through her website at

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