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Stormi's Review: Cancer And The Playboy (The Daimsbury Chronicles #3) by Zee Monodee

kindle unlimited PUBLISHER: Zee Monodee RELEASED: March 13, 2018 GENRE: clean, contemporary romance LENGTH: 154 pages FORMAT: ebook



Crafty and resilient, Megha Saran has carved her own midsummer pond from the shark-infested waters of Indo-British society. Until the day she is diagnosed with breast cancer, and a twist of Fate—along with her big mouth—lands her on the path of a man a million times removed from her reality.

Playboy Magnus Trammell has been summoned by his illustrious family to get his act on the straight and narrow before his thirty-fifth birthday. When he meets Megha, he proposes a deal: become a goodwill ambassador for a project he wants to set up, and in return, get the medical care and support his money can buy.

A win-win bargain—until their hearts get on the line …

Megha, mutilated in body and her soul from the cancer treatments, cannot fall for a man who only dates airhead pin-ups. And after a life hiding behind a veneer of shallow, carefree sophistication all his life, Magnus is reluctant to test the deep, bottomless waters that surround this strong and independent woman.

Both crave fulfilment. Will they find it together, against all the odds? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Magnus is a wealthy playboy. Different parties all the time, different women too. When he decides to get out of that role and better his image, he feels like it will be hard, but it becomes easy when he meets Megha, a young woman who works in his families store. Megha is faced with a horrible thing. She is told she has cancer. She is only in her 20's, and the big C word was not in her plans. Cancer Treatments and possible infertility issues bring these two unlikely people together. Magnus the "playboy" is no match for Megha. This was such a good read. I thought I was going to dislike Magnus because of the playboy role, but oh my, he won me over fast. He is so sweet and soft-hearted to Megha in such a hard time. Poor Megha is sick and at such a young age too. Her story grabs at the heartstrings. Together these two have such an unlikely, but oh so romantic relationship. I loved their romance. I don't know why, probably because my dad has a had cancer, and I've dealt with the treatments with him, but I found myself in tears at times during this book. It was heart-wrenchingly real and touching. After the story was over and I decided to read the authors note, which honestly I usually don't do, I knew why this was written in such a real and raw way. My goodness, I bawled. I enjoyed this book. It had a great storyline. It was filled with colorful and likable characters. It was a fast, well written, and heart touching read from beginning to end. All around it was an excellent book. I loved it!

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