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Stormi's Review: Justice (Angel Calling, #1) by Georgia Tingley

APC PUBLISHER: Georgeous Publishing RELEASED: March 1, 2018 GENRE: paranormal romance LENGTH: 253 pages FORMAT: ebook, paperback



Independence Day, 4th July, 1976 - Thirteen-year-old Christine Conroy mysteriously vanishes from her back yard in a small country town in North Western USA. Folks think Christine has run away to Hollywood as she threatened, but people who know what really happened are determined to hide the truth.

Forty years later, Justice Smith is commissioned to find her body and her murderer - not an easy task after so much time has elapsed. Luckily for him, he has a secret weapon - Justice Smith is a Warrior Angel!

Sent down to Earth to seek justice for those that can't, Justice uncovers a deadly secret - the bodies of several young girls. A serial killer has gone undetected, living among a small community for four decades.

To complicate matters further, Justice has a mortal connection to the prime suspect's daughter Andi. He finds himself teaming up with an unlikely ally and while working together to uncover the truth, he crosses the boundary to break the heavenly rules for a forbidden love. Will the price he has to pay be too high? FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

Christine Conroy goes missing from her backyard. For years her case is considered cold, and nothing on her is found, no body, no evidence, nothing. Now, 40 years later, Justice comes into town, and he is just the man for the job. He's a private investigator and ANGEL. It's his job, his mission, to bring justice for those that need it. Justice was a fantastic story. It was profoundly engaging and full of mystery. Justice is an Angel, literally sent from above, to bring justice for Christine. He knows who did the crime it's just up to him to prove it. He also has another mission, to be there for someone who genuinely needs it. This story was awesomely written. I stay away from books with the angel/demon type stuff, because they have just never been my thing. Every one I have ever read just wasn't to my liking, but I am so glad I got this book. It was action-packed. It had mystery. It was sad and funny. It also had a touch of romance, which was a surprise to me, but it made me love the story even more. I loved the characters. Justice was just excellent; he was kind and gentle while still being tough. Andi, had a such a sad story and it was hard not to fall in love with her as a character. The storyline was very heartwrenching and maddening. Honestly, this book was a 10, but I can only give it 5. The story is written well. It had great characters. It had a great storyline. It was just GREAT! I can not wait until the next book in this series!!!!

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