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Lissa's Review: Bad Boy Rebels: Meeting the Bad Boy Rebels by Jessica Sorensen


PUBLISHER: Jessica Sorensen

RELEASED: August 20, 2017

GENRE: romance, suspense

LENGTH: 366 pages

FORMAT: ebook







My name is Zhara and I've spent the last couple of years pretending to be a good girl. But then the Bad Boy Rebels enter my life and everything changes. The Bad Boy Rebels are six guys I knew from high school. All of them are sexy and love getting into trouble, so for the most part, I've always tried to keep my distance from them. But now they want me to join a secret detective program and work undercover with them, pretending to be their fake girlfriend. And the number one rule to my first assignment: I can no longer act like a good girl... I think I'm in way over my head... This is a reverse harem series.


Meeting the Bad Boy Rebels is more of an introduction to this series. It didn’t take me long to finish, and I feel that it’s the start of something pretty impressive. Zhara is the good girl. Like extremely good, she doesn’t go to parties, she doesn’t kiss boys and always meets her curfew. But there’s something in Zhara that screams to be something other than the “good girl.” And then she meets Benton one of those bad boys, the type of guys that you wouldn’t take home. Their meeting quickly turns into something that Zhara would never have expected. Into a world, that she didn’t even realize existed. Sorenson is one of those authors who writes excellently. I’ve always enjoyed and loved the books that I’ve read by her. I enjoyed this book as well, but I felt it ended too quickly. So naturally, I’ll have to jump into #2. I want to know whats going on with Zhara and what exactly were her parents up to.

Overall, 3.5 (Four) Boundless Stars

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