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5 Questions with: Jamie Shaw

1. I seriously loved the Mayhem Series, What originally inspired you to write the series?

Thank you so much! When I first started the series, I was listening to a lot of music that had me swooning over the lead singers, and I couldn't imagine a more perfect fantasy for a romance. I wrote the book I really wanted to read!

2. If they decided to make a movie of the Mayhem Series, What would be your dream cast?

Oh gosh, that's so hard. I just watched The Kissing Booth on Netflix, and I've been thinking that Jacob Elordi would make a great Adam Everest. He's got that super tall, super hot bad boy look going for him. Long hair suits him, and the boy gives great smirk!

3. What is one album, that really changed your life?

Taking Back Sunday - Where You Want to Be. I wasn't a fan of emo when it was popular back in the early 2000s, but I fell in love with it later, and this is one of the albums I was listening to on repeat when I first started writing the Mayhem Series. I was crushing on Adam Lazzara (the lead singer of TBS), and the rest is history! Music played a huge role in me becoming an author and realizing this is what I want to do with my life.

4. Are you working on anything currently?

Yes! I actually have a contemporary romance novel already finished, and I'll be announcing a publication date and official title soon (the working title is FALLING FIRST). It'll be my first dual-perspective romance, and I had so much fun writing both sides of the story! I'm also working on another book right now -- my first Young Adult novel! I'm so excited to get these books into readers' hands.

5. What’s one thing you love to do during the summer?

I love going to the beach. There's just something about the wind on my face, the sand between my toes, and the sound of the waves that makes me feel completely content.

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About Jamie Shaw

International bestselling author Jamie Shaw lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and their two young sons. When she’s not busy writing or trying to corral two boys under the age of three, she loves binge-reading books, binge-watching TV, and binge-eating cake pops. With her M.S. in Professional Writing, Jamie crafts romances with relatable heroines and swoon-worthy leading men. She loves interacting with her readers, and she always aims to add new names to their book boyfriend lists. WEBSITE FACEBOOK GROUP FACEBOOK TWITTER INSTAGRAM

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