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Sara's Review: Desperate: A Contemporary Love/Hate Romance by Katerina Winters


PUBLISHER: Katerina Winters

RELEASED: August 29, 2016

GENRE: contemporary romance

LENGTH: 255 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback







Always calm, gracious, and collected Salene Agnew’s perfectly mapped out life-plan has come to a crashing halt. With no money and nowhere to go Salene finds herself standing at the door of her worst enemy with all that is left of her worldly possessions. From the moment Salene and Gabriel Breslin met, tempers flared and hate burned deep, Salene’s fierce independent aura directly clashed with Gabriel’s misogynistic arrogance. Desperate to get her life back together Salene will have to endure a man who is cold as ice. The minute Salene walked through his door with that sharp tongue and those honey brown eyes, Gabriel was ready to send her packing—until he realized how much fun he could have at her expense. Agreeing to let her stay Gabriel has every intention of making her life a living hell. What he wasn’t prepared for was her to do the same. No woman could get under his skin and enrage him like Salene could. With each passing day, Gabriel could feel his hard earned control slipping towards his prim and proper house guest. Just how far will their hatred run until one of them breaks?


I was asked to read and review Desperate and give it an honest review. For the most part, I loved the story. I loved how Salena and Gabriel started off hating each other because of a manipulative 3rd party. I would have liked a little more details of what went into their mutual hatred of each other, but the story worked with what we were given.

The romance that builds between these two takes a long time and honestly I wasn’t sure if it would ever come. Salena didn’t come across to me to have much confidence or inner strength at times; then she would act like a feminist snob at others. It was hard to pin her character down. It wasn’t that I disliked her, she was just very contrary.

Gabriel is the typical alpha male that I love reading about. He sometimes took his alpha to a level of scary and possessive that personally, I wouldn’t be comfortable with, but hey that’s just me.

Desperate: A Contemporary Love/Hate Romance was a blast to read, I was even brought to tears a few times, which is rare for me. It is was something different, the characters don’t fall in love instantly, there isn’t a billionaire, and for the first part of the book, they hate each other. It sounds crazy, but it’s a great read, and I am giving it 4.5 Boundless Stars.

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