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Cover Reveal: Text Prince Charming (Prince Charming #1) by Patty Carothers and Amy Brewer


Genre: YA Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Omnific (Simon & Schuster Partner)

Date of Publication: 05/29/2018

Number of pages: 235

Word Count: 78,573

Cover Artist: Amy Brokaw

Tagline: Is this your Prince Charming?

Book Description:

After a tragic accident leaves Shelby Ryan permanently injured, she gives up all hope in happily-ever-afters. Shelby puts on a brave face while hiding her pain, but once she returns to school, everything changes. She starts receiving anonymous corny messages from a mysterious Prince Charming, and her nemesis, basketball star and bad boy, Sebastian, shows sudden interest in her.

Hilarity ensues as Shelby tries to uncover Prince Charming's real identity and come to terms with her true feelings for the last boy on Earth she ever thought she'd fall for: Sebastian Freaking Birch.

Will she be able to cope with the allure of the texting prince, or will Sebastian be the real-life prince in Shelby's fairytale?



Minutes dwindled to seconds, shedding themselves from the clock until the buzzer shrilled zero.

The basketball hanging in the air, hit the backboard before settling into the basket with a gentle, silence-piercing swoosh. I raised the blue and gold pom-poms over my head, screaming at the top of my lungs and reveling in the fact that Patterson High Knight’s varsity basketball team had just won their third consecutive state championship, by only one point no less.

The pounding footfalls on the wood bleachers resonated behind me. The crowd rushed the court, cheering and yelling at the top of their lungs. Celebratory music played over the loudspeaker and matched the pace of my racing heartbeat.

Standing in the center of it all was Patterson High’s all-star basketball player, my sometimes archnemesis, and my twin brother Kyle’s jerk of a best friend, Sebastian “Bass” Birch. He threw me a playful smirk as the mayhem enveloped him and the rest of the team.

It took a few minutes for the chaos to subside and the immediate area to clear. Once everyone returned to their seats, the state officials handed out the trophies to each of the ten players. I stood at the sidelines, my iPhone in hand, taking pictures of the momentous occasion along with everyone else.

The announcer called out over the loudspeaker, “This year’s state championship MVP is… Kyle Ryan.”

My brother’s hazel eyes stretched, a look of feigned shock etched his expression. I rolled my eyes at the ridiculousness of this entire ceremony. Every single game, the title of most valuable player either went to Kyle or Sebastian. So this here was no big surprise to anyone, let alone him. But he just had to play it up anyway.

About the Authors:

Patty Carothers has been in love with stories for as long as she can remember. She is a certified copy editor and an Oxford comma fangirl. Her adoration of all things comic book related and YA has morphed into her co-writing the Texting Prince Charming series. Engaging and realistic characters that bounce off the pages through witty and thought-provoking dialogue are a thrill for her to read. Although, most days the real question lies with a simple: Is she team Marvel or team D.C.?

Amy Brewer has been an avid reader and lover of literature her whole life. She is a graduate of Culver-Stockton College with a theater degree because drama, romance, and angst are her lifelong passions. She is the co-writer of the Texting Prince Charming series and continues to be enthralled with the art of writing.






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