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Lissa's Review: One Baby Daddy (Dating by Numbers #3) by Meghan Quinn

APC PUBLISHER: Meghan Quinn RELEASED: May 15, 2018 GENRE: contemporary romance LENGTH: 300 pages FORMAT: ebook



I need to forget.

I need an escape.

Only one person isn't falling for my reputation as the NHL's Golden Boy; she captured my attention the minute she called me out for snooping through my best friend's house. She didn't want to hear my reason--she only wanted to playfully give me a hard time.

Adalyn is bold, sassy--and the perfect escape.

She's everywhere. In town and in my dreams, and suddenly I need to spend every waking moment with her.

And I do, making this summer the best off-season I've ever had.

But in the midst of getting lost in Adalyn, what I don't expect is to get her pregnant. And what I definitely don't expect is having to fight for her affection. FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS

I’m so in love with One Baby Daddy. Can you be in love with a book? I think so.. I swear Meghan writes these fantastic characters. And every time, I’m like this man is the best. He’s my book boyfriend, and then Meghan goes and writes Hayden. Thee perfect man, he’s sweet, charming, and loves with his whole heart. Hayden is different; he’s not the playboy. He’s not the alpha caveman male. He’s Hayden, and if Adalyn for one second thought that she was never going to fall, boy was she wrong. One Baby Daddy is by far one of my favorites. I laughed and teared up quite a few times. I don’t want to go into detail about the whole story, just know this is one that you have to read. It was different and wasn’t just the same ole romance. How does Meghan do this? I have no idea. She’s an amazingly talented writer, and I really can’t wait to see what other stories and characters that she will create. Overall, I have to give this FIVE BOUNDLESS STARS.

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