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Sara's Review: Craving Maul (Star Joined #1) by Sara Page & Sean Moriarty


PUBLISHER: Dirty Nothings Publishing

RELEASED: September 16, 2017


LENGTH: 300 pages






sara page


sean moriarty

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I went into space looking for my sister... what I found is an alien claiming I'm his. Five years ago, Earth made contact with the Twenty-Three Tribunal, a government of twenty-three superior alien races that rule over the known universe. Deemed too primitive to protect ourselves, the Tribunal slapped a 'Protected' status on Earth, declaring us off-limits to the more advanced races that would exploit or enslave us. Someone has been violating the status. Last year, like so many others before her, my sister Isla disappeared without a trace. And with the Tribunal unwilling or simply unable to help us, I'll do anything, even something really crazy, to get her back. With the help of my best friend and an alien smuggler I've captured, I've got a crazy plan. A plan that involves a neurotransmitter, a one-way ticket off of Earth, and a very powerful drug that will help me infiltrate an illegal alien slave market. I expect to be used, abused, and violated in my quest to gather evidence. What I don't expect is to be captured and claimed by a huge silver alien ...


I’ve had this on the back burner for a while and finally decided to jump in with both feet; I am thrilled I did. Craving Maul is fast-paced, exciting and super steamy.

Lexie has been training to go into space to find her sister who was stolen. She is going undercover as a stolen slave and is taking a drug that puts her so far under that she doesn’t realize what is happening to her, but she is still conscious.

Maul is a top officer in the police force/military and is looking into allegations of kidnapped humans. When he catches a whiff of Lexie, he goes berserk and tears anything in his path to shreds to get to her.

Lexie’s and Maul’s chemistry, if you can call it that, it was more like a frenzied need to mate, is instantaneous and pretty darn hot. And their connection is so strong it leaves them both in a state of constant arousal, and they cannot be separated.

“This love of ours… it was forced upon us. Neither one of us asked for this. It’s just one great big complication that makes both of our lives harder and pushes the things we want further out of our reach. But even if there was a way to turn it off, to somehow break it. To untangle myself from him. To separate our souls. I couldn’t do it.”

The story was well thought out, and the characters were well developed. The only issue I had was some of the editing was a bit jumbled, and I would have to go back re-read things for it to make sense. Also, conversations between Maul and his symbiosis weren’t always clear who was speaking. It got a bit confusing. Other than that I enjoyed the story, and I hope Page continues with this series. I am giving it 4 Boundless stars.

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