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Beth's Review: The Conduit: A Tale of Resurrection by C.F. Waller


NARRATOR: Wyatt Baker RELEASED: September 27, 2017 GENRE: horror, fantasy LENGTH: 8 hours and 11 minutes FORMAT: ebook, audible


For Edward immortality has been very lonely of late. After several decades in hiding, he’s surfaced to find scarcely any of his kind left. Most importantly, his beloved Beatrix would appear to have succumbed to the sands of time. Curious to learn what might have befallen her, he stalks the last two immortals, Arron and his daughter Jennifer, in hopes of learning her fate.

Things are about to get a lot less lonely for dear old Edward. He’s stumbled into a battleground between light and darkness. While this particular war has been going on since before the biblical flood, Edward will have to sort out the puzzle quickly, or join his friends in the afterlife.

On that subject, Arron’s daughter may have a few ideas of her own. It would seem Jennifer Faust is convinced that the gates of Hell have a revolving door, not a padlock and she is the key.

Disclaimer: This book contains Fallen Angels, Greek mythology, huge slices of cake, katana swords, weaponized Hell Fire, excessive drinking, wagering on everything, classic cars, dead woman soup, bullet trains, toxic pollution and vintage fashion red flags. Any similarity to actual persons, alive or dead, is unintended, but welcome. 4.5 (FIVE) BOUNDLESS STARS

The Conduit: A Tale of Resurrection continues almost 100 years after the calling tree. Ronee’ and several more of the characters are back, as well as, new and unique characters. The stakes are much higher. There are rules, so many rules. The book intrigued me from the start, and I couldn’t wait to listen to more. You can read The Conduit as a Stand-alone, but you’re missing out if you don’t grab The Calling Tree too. The writing is as excellent as before, and I can’t wait for book 3! Overall, The Conduit: A Tale of Resurrection is a 4.5-star book.

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