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Beth's Review: The Huntsman by Aedan Sayla

APC PUBLISHER: Origins of Love Company RELEASED: January 10, 2018 GENRE: erotica, christian romance LENGTH: 115 pages FORMAT: ebook


Tamara Johnson is the victim of a war she didn't create. A war that has no boundaries. A war from which no one in America is supposed to survive from, but she does.

- The Huntsman is the story of what would happen if the lights went out and stayed off. A possible rendition of just what it might take to survive and what we all might face one day in our own lives. Join Tamara as she holds onto faith and the belief that things will get better for those who love God and put Him first above all else. It is a journey fraught with peril and erotic love. It is a story of how one woman despite the odds survived on her own, only to give herself to the mate that God had selected for her. She's sweet and he's a savage wolf, surely God had to have been crazy to let a lamb like her wander into his hands. Everyday he makes her his in whatever way he wants and yet more and more it seems that she is the one that owns him. ONE BOUNDLESS STAR

The Huntsman takes place after the world is affected by an EMP and everything is about survival. There are death camps, genocide, and worse. It starts with Tamara in a death camp. Without giving any spoilers, I can only say she later meets a huntsman. This book is labeled as Christian Erotica. Tamara speaks of her “Faith” quite often, but I must say, I would not call it faith at all. True Christian faith is just that; having complete faith in God, even when you can’t see him. She prays throughout the book, but she also claims to hear God speak to her and give her exact instructions. Granted, I have felt Gods guidance several times throughout my life, but he never speaks to me or instructs me as precisely as he does this character. She is also able to see and talk with the “Angels of God” as they appear to save her and the Huntsman by lifting them from one place to place them in another. I appreciate the attempt to include Christ in the book, but it is much more meaningful when expressed realistically. God loves us all but he does not make everything perfect; he is there to help us through the imperfect trials of life. As for the erotica part, it’s a bit much. There is no world where God would want to see Tamara or any woman, roughly slammed into repeatedly as a virgin, in every way possible. I don’t want to get into those parts any more than that. I love good erotica in a book, but this is not written to be erotically pleasing at all. I threw up in my mouth during some parts. I did finish the book, but it was definitely not for me. I would not recommend it to any of my friends, but if all this seems up your alley, go for it! As for me it this is a one-star book. I didn’t like it.

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