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Beth's Review: Twisted Faith by Victoria Schwimley


PUBLISHER: VG Publishing

RELEASED: August 10, 2014

GENRE: christian fiction

LENGTH: 253 pages

FORMAT: ebook, paperback, Audible







Abby was young, only a junior in high school. Her entire life waited before her, with big plans to go to college. Her parents were strict, stricter than most parents, and sex before marriage was not tolerated in her church. Jimmy was a high-school senior with a basketball scholarship to an ivy-league college. When they meet at a party, one that Abby snuck out of the house to attend, their lives head down completely different paths when she ends up pregnant. Jimmy is determined to stand by Abby, but when her overbearing parents, and their extremist church find out about the pregnancy, the young couple is torn apart, with devastating consequence. Pastor David Owens answers Abby's call for help when she appears at his church. She is on the brink of suicide, threatening to take her infant daughter with her. David had been grumbling about his new position, questioning why God had sent him to this small coastal town, now he thinks he knows exactly why; he's meant to save this girl's life.


This is the continuation of Captured Faith; however, it’s a great book to read as a stand-alone. Pastor David has since moved on from his position as the youth pastor to become Pastor at New Hope Christian Church, a church in dire need of an upgrade of both its building and congregation. Shortly after accepting the position Pastor Dave received a call from a young mother in distress. As the conversation progressed, readers hear more of Abby’s horrific story. The characters are introduced excellently as readers are brought into the story. I felt as though I met each character and went through this emotional night with them. I appreciated how the congregation came together to help Abby and gained a renewed sense of faith for themselves.

I was hooked when I read the first chapter. I found it extremely hard to stop, and I recommend this to all readers. I should also let you know my 12 year old listened with me and couldn’t wait to get back to it until we were finished. I listened to the audiobook and felt Kelly and Conner did an excellent job; even better than I could have done. Both voices were perfect for their character. I loved this book and rated it with five stars.

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