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Sara's Review: The Dark Princes (The Ravager Chronicles #2) by Sara Page


PUBLISHER: Dirty Nothings Publishing

RELEASED: February 1, 2016

GENRE: scifi, paranormal, romance

LENGTH: 272 pages

FORMAT: ebook, Paperback







The sequel to Princess SOS I'm alive. I survived the wilds of that remote planet I crashed into, and I've been trying to get to know my new alien lover before I return home and introduce him to my father. Yeah, so not looking forward to that introduction but at least I'm not knocked up... yet. Everything is going great until we intercept a transmission from my home planet. Apparently my jerk of a stepbrother has been telling everyone I'm dead, and they believe it. There's been a funeral for me and everything. So now it's a race home to prove to everyone I'm still alive and breathing before they pass on my crown and title to the next girl in the line of succession. And if that's not enough on my plate, another alien has decided to step forward and he's claiming I'm his, like we're fated or something. Ha! And I don't even like the guy, seriously can not even stand him. And you'd think my current alien lover would be mad... But no, he insists on bringing the other alien guy along because he's convinced I need the extra protection. One Ravager? I think I can handle it. But two sexy red-eyed purple space demons? Two might prove to be too much for this princess...


I enjoyed this, but Ameia just kept frustrating the hell out of me. I prefer my leading ladies to kick ass and take names. Ameia is such a damsel in distress; it is so frustrating for me. For a woman who is supposed to inherit a kingdom, you would think she would have a bit of a spine. But she doesn’t, she just let’s all the males in her life push her around because they are bigger and stronger than her. I say to hell with that crap, if you are weaker, get a bat, get sneaky, get cunning and use your wiles, but don’t let a man run roughshod over you. Needless to say, I felt like yelling at her a lot.

The twist with Striker was also claiming Ameia as his, and that was unexpected. His personality with her runs so hot and cold that I can understand her reluctance to trust him. That and she was raised to only have one relationship.

The overall story has grown on me, and I love this world. I hope that Ameia becomes more as a person and finds some inner strength the farther in the series we go. One thing to note is that finally the questions from the first book that were left hanging were answered.

I am giving The Dark Princes (The Ravagers Chronicles #2) 4 Boundless stars, the world and character building keeps getting more and more intricate and intense, I can’t wait for more.

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