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Stormi's Review: Close by Robert Blain


PUBLISHER: Robert Blain

RELEASED: December 27, 2016


LENGTH: 130 pages








When people think of '60s Britain they think of The Beatles, Twiggy and Michael Caine womanising his way through London. But miniskirts and The Who didn't mean anything to the working man in Scotland. The shipyards are failing, sectarianism still holds sway, and the only thing you have to rely on along the banks of the Clyde is your work, your creed and your family. But with the first two failing and the last one slipping away, what's left to cling to?

Close is a story of family and belonging that begins in Glasgow and ends in Australia. It's the story of Jimmy Baxter, a working-class husband and father, a failed footballer and a middling boxer. He wants out of the city – out of his own skin – but his shameful past as an illegitimate child holds him back. Looking for a place in the world he befriends two men: one, a German immigrant who survived the World War II bombing raids Jimmy helped create; the other a well-connected art dealer who goes on to seduce Jimmy's own wife.


Well, I had a hard time trying to find a right way to write this review. I always hate to give a bad review, but sometimes it can't be helped.

This story was a quick and easy read, but what was the point? Some of the chapters were filled with a story about Jimmy and Jude Baxter. Their story was full of family and drama and honestly it had a good flow to it, but when it ended it just stopped. Did they go to Australia? Apparently, they did based on the synopsis, but it doesn't say that. It just finished. The other chapters were written and narrated by a man that seemed to be searching for the truth of who he may be. Did he get his answer? That wasn't answered either. This story just left many things out. It seemed like it just lacked a destination. What was the point of the story? On top of this, the writing was also in need of editing. I found many places that had misspelled words. As a reviewer, this is my biggest pet peeve.

Honestly, this book just wasn't for me. I always hate to give a bad review, but this story just wasn't what I thought it would be when I read about it.

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