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Sara's Review: Release (Hold #2) by Claire Kent


PUBLISHER: Noelle Adams

narrator: Kirsten Leigh

RELEASED: December 2, 2017

GENRE: scifi, romance, erotica

LENGTH: 5 hours and 22 minutes

FORMAT: ebook, paperback, audible







Kyla was born the younger daughter of the royal family of a planet known throughout Coalition space for its indulgence and debauchery. Travelers come from all over to give into their deepest desires in the decadent royal court, but Kyla has been surrounded by sex and physical indulgence since childhood. Now she wants nothing to do with such empty pleasures--at least, until she encounters Hall. Hall is irresistibly sexy and mysterious, and he seems to know her from the inside out. He makes her want to explore the sensual side of herself for the first time. But he has already declared himself as a potential suitor of her sister, which means he's completely off limits to Kyla. He's also hiding a gift that makes him as dangerous as he is attractive. When she discovers a plot that threatens to bring down the iron fist of the Coalition on her peaceful planet, Kyla is forced to rely on a man who has been hiding secrets from her all along--a man who makes her want things she's never wanted before.


The original version of Hold is my favorite book, and I have read it ten times if not more. It’s my go-to book when I’m just not in the mood for something new. I didn’t care for the changes Kent made when she re-wrote it and introduced Hall, but I understood because Kent wanted to expand on the universe and it made a great jumping off point. Now that I’ve finished book 2 I am starting to see the bigger picture.

Hall story was good, but when I compare it to Hold, it just wasn’t as gritty and raw and didn’t have the same intensity. Also, Kyla and Hall didn’t have the same chemistry and desperation. It just didn’t have the same magic for me that I was looking, hoping for. But if I was to read the story by itself and never to compare with the first in the series, I may feel differently. It is hard to judge.

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